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CX/Digital provides four capabilities, applying some of the most advanced technologies in the world to bring your digital-first experience to life.



We apply AI-based text-analytics, video research and other tools to reduce the cycle-time required to validate the Moments of Truth and Loyalty Drivers that separate the 'signals from the noise.'



For clients interested in transforming the experience they deliver to employees and customers, our CX/Digital Design Accelerator follows an Agile-based process to redesign and manage the customer journey.


Business Case

Creating a business case that is competitive with other investment options is crucial for success. We quantify the incremental financial lift that could be generated from delivering a digital-first experience.


Managed Services

We have partnered with Pointillist by Genesys to provide an innovative Managed Services offering, in which a dedicated CX/Digital team take on the responsibility for journey optimization.

What Our Clients Say


Rob Kennedy Consulting Partner, Tata Consultancy Services Limited

"Quickly determined where in our client’s customer journey the biggest opportunities for improvement were in weeks not months. We went from validated insights to targeted solutions faster and with better quality than I ever thought possible."
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