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In just five minutes, Joe Wheeler poses a provocative digital-first question, shares examples, surfaces key issues and frames the implications surrounding it before offering three takeaways every listener can take action on. Got five minutes?


Will Web3 change everything?

Block chain, NFTs, trustless data... time to make sense of what Web3 is and isn't and how it may impact the experience you deliver today and in the future.


Can computers provide empathy?

Technology is changing the degree to which chat bots and virtual assistants can deliver empathic experiences. Let's get past the debate and land on what matters.


Will machine learning 'eat the world'?

More and more enterprises are running large core processes from underwriting to new customer onboarding with machine learning. We consider three brands that are leading the way.


Are ‘digital ecosystems’ the new competitive battleground?

In a digital-first world you don't compete in a vacuum. Understand the digital ecosystem you are part of and the value network that will ensure you win, in this new competitive reality.

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