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"An ‘of-the-moment’ view on digital design strategies powering some of the world’s great brands.  A must-read for managers looking to stay current on this rapidly changing topic.  The book could not be more timely or useful!"

Leonard A. Schlesinger

Baker Foundation Professor

Harvard Business School

Embracing the Coming Digital Tsunami

Five converging technologies that may change how you deliver just about everything – and what to do about it.

Ideal Audience

This engaging 60 to 90-minute keynote is ideally suited to a general management and employee audience interested in learning about the convergence of technologies changing how experiences are being designed and how leading brands are applying them to create a sustainable competitive advantage.


  • Understanding of the five converging technologies impacting how organizations will design digital-first experiences, today and into the future.

  • Insight into how leading brands are harnessing digital technologies to design experiences customers love.

  • Key Takeaways: Five actions all managers and employees should pursue to prepare their organizations for the coming digital tsunami.

GenAi & the New Agenda for Growth

Putting generative AI to work in the digital-first economy.


Ideal Audience

This 60 to 90-minute keynote would benefit all levels of management in an organization interested in understanding the potential impact of generative AI and the mindset shift required of leaders to guide their organizations forward.


  • Learn how digital-first leaders are applying generative AI to re-think how they will deliver top-line performance today and into the future.

  • Discuss the four specific mindset shifts required to avoid introducing technology that adds costs, but little value.

  • Understand the implications of generative AI for the employee experience and the opportunities that exist today and in the future.

  • Key Takeaways: Five specific competencies required to lead the digital-first enterprise.

Harnessing Your Digital Flywheel

How digital-first leading companies apply machine learning to accelerate revenue growth and widen their competitive moat.


Ideal Audience

Committing to a digital-first customer experience opens new doors to monetization and customer engagement. This 90-minute keynote includes real-time polling to engage senior leadership, stimulating an important discussion around competitive strategy in the digital era.


  • Learn how three best-practice companies engineer digital flywheel strategies to create tremendous competitive advantage.

  • Explore the organization's performance on a number of factors, to inform how to harness their own digital flywheel.

  • Key Takeaways: A set of specific recommendations and actions for exploiting the opportunity to put a digital flywheel to work in their own organization.

Designing Immersive Experiences

What Nike, Starbucks and Amazon can teach you about what’s next.


Ideal Audience

This 60 to 90-minute keynote is best suited for managers and contributors from marketing, product management and customer experience, as it details three compelling case studies to demonstrate how you design personalized customer experiences.


  • Insight into how Nike, Starbucks, and Amazon are creating immersive experiences that delight customers and employees.

  • Participants learn about a process for designing immersive experiences for their own company.

  • Key Takeaways: Steps for designing immersive experiences they can apply to their own organization.


1-Day Immersion Program

The Digital-First Customer Experience

This 1-day intensive immersion program applies state-of-the- art polling and focus group technology to engage participants through a series of presentations and small group exercises, designed to isolate tangible opportunities to increase customer retention, spending and advocacy.  Download the Fact Sheet below.

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